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Everything That The General Public Must Know About The Sheriff

The sheriff’s office is a unique place. It isn’t like the police department, where you can go in and talk to someone about a crime or even a missing person. The sheriff’s office is the only law enforcement agency that has the authority to execute court orders by serving them on people who aren’t home when they are served. In other words, if I have a judgment against someone for unpaid child support, then I serve the order at their house (or wherever else they live) and it becomes enforceable. If the person doesn’t pay up, I call my local sheriff and he executes the order by going to their house and taking whatever is necessary to satisfy the judgment. If the person resists, well, the sheriff is legally justified in using force. And if you resist too much, the sheriff will arrest you and take you to jail. But this article isn’t about how the sheriff gets his job done; it’s about how I got mine done. 

I had a friend who was in trouble with the law. He hadn’t paid child support since 1991, and the case had been assigned to the sheriff’s office. My friend called me one day and asked if I could help him out. He said he’d been trying to get a hold of his son but couldn’t reach him because the kid was living with an ex-girlfriend who didn’t want him to talk to his father. I told him I would drive over to the girlfriend’s house as soon as possible so he could contact his son. 

When I arrived at the ex-girlfriend’s house, I knocked on the door. No answer. So I went around back and found her car parked in the driveway. I rang the doorbell again. Still no answer. Then I looked through the window into her bedroom and saw her lying on her bed, asleep. I waited until she woke up and answered the door. She was very nice and welcoming, which probably helped me get past the threshold. 

I explained the situation to her and she seemed upset that her boyfriend hadn’t contacted his son. We talked about what he should do to get in touch with the boy. He ended up telling her that he had stopped paying child support because his ex-wife was harassing him and threatening to take away his kids. He asked if she would keep the ex-boyfriend from contacting his son again. She assured him that she wouldn’t. At least not without letting him know first. 

That night I drove to the ex-husband’s house. When I reached the end of the long driveway leading up to his house, I turned off the lights and waited. About 20 minutes later, I heard the sound of tires crunching gravel. The headlights came on and I saw the pickup truck roll down the driveway. The driver was alone. I pulled up behind him and watched him walk toward the front door. He rang the bell and waited. Nothing happened. He rang again and waited. Still nothing. Finally he opened the screen door and walked inside. He stood there for a few seconds looking around before finally realizing that the ex-girlfriend wasn’t home. 

He went back outside and waited for a while longer. Then he left and drove off down the road. As soon as he was gone, I got out of my car, walked up the driveway, and rang the doorbell again. This time he answered quickly. 

“Hello,” he said. “Is this the ex-girlfriend?” 


“May we come in?” 

“No. Why? What’s wrong?” 

“We just need to speak with your son.” 


“It’s important.” 

“What’s happening?” 

“It’s nothing serious. We’re just here to talk to your son.” 

“Let me see some ID.” 

So I gave him my driver’s license. He took a good look at it, said thanks, and closed the door. I tried to explain the situation to him, but he wasn’t having any of it. He told me I wasn’t allowed to be in his house anymore unless I had a warrant, and that I needed to leave immediately. 

I apologized and backed out of the driveway. I drove to the sheriff’s office and filed a report. The next day I went to court and got a writ of execution issued. I handed it to the judge along with the paperwork proving that I had served the ex-husband with the notice and summons. The judge signed it and sent it back to the sheriff’s office. That afternoon, the sheriff’s deputy picked up the papers and drove to the ex-husband’s house. When he got there, the deputy rang the doorbell and waited. After a few minutes, the ex-husband opened the door. 

“Are you Mr. Smith?” the deputy asked. 


“May I come in?” 

“Sure, why not?” 

The deputy followed him inside and sat down on the couch. The ex-husband started getting nervous. His voice rose a little bit. “You’ve got the wrong guy!” he said. 

“Not according to these documents that were served upon you yesterday,” the deputy replied. “Now sit down. You’re under arrest.” 

That was exactly what the ex-husband wanted. He resisted. It took two deputies to get him handcuffed and put in the patrol car. 

A few hours later, the ex-husband was sitting in a cell at the county jail. Meanwhile, I was driving up to his house. He lived up near the border between two counties. There’s no town between the counties, so you really need a map to find the house. This one was easy — I knew exactly where it was. 

But I still had to park about a half mile away. The roads were all dirt, and the night was fairly dark. I got out of the car and started walking. As I stepped onto the front porch, I heard something rustling behind the screen door. I thought I heard footsteps too, so I peeked around the corner. Sure enough, the ex-husband was standing there, watching me. I smiled at him, waved, and said hello. He nodded back as if he recognized me. 

Then he disappeared behind the screen door. I walked back toward the car and noticed that the front door was open. I was curious as to why the ex-husband was just standing there instead of locking the door behind him. I stepped back into the kitchen and looked around. The ex-girlfriend’s purse was laying right there on the counter. I opened the small pocketbook and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. They weren’t real silver ones like the ones on TV, but they worked fine for what I needed them to do.

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