Everything To Know About Gravity Bong

The gravity bong is an extremely versatile smoking tool. It can be used for dry herb, flower, and even concentrates with little hassle.

It also comes in handy as a water pipe. With the right setup, you can smoke your favorite blends without having to worry about cleaning up any mess.

We’ll show you how to make a gravity bong out of a plastic water bottle, a small plastic tube and some other materials. The end result should look like this.

The first step is to cut off the bottom of your water bottle. We recommend using a sharp knife or scissors to avoid cutting into the sides of the bottle. This will help prevent leaking if you use it as a water pipe.

Next, remove the cap from one side of the bottle. The easiest way to do this is by removing the rubber gasket that covers the opening. Once you have the cap removed, carefully peel back the rubber liner on the inside of the bottle until it peels away completely.

Now, it’s time to put together the rest of our gravity bong build. First, we need to attach the tubing to the bottle. To do this, you’ll need to cut off the top cap on the end of the tubing. Then wrap the tubing around the base of the bottle, making sure to overlap all of the edges. You should end up covering the entire area where the rubber was originally attached to the bottle when it was closed.

When you’re done wrapping the tubing, cut off the excess at both ends. Next, make sure the tubing isn’t twisted too much. If it is, cut off a bit more to ensure that there are no kinks. Now, tape the tubing securely to the bottle using masking tape to create a seal.

You may notice that the tubing fits snugly over the top of the bottle. That’s because the tubing has been flattened slightly so that it fills in the space between the bottle and the cap. The reason this is important is because the cap is going to go onto the bottle later. Without this extra length of tubing, the cap might not fit comfortably on the bottle.

Once you’ve taped the tubing to the bottle, take the cap off the bottle. Be careful not to touch the tubing while doing this. When the cap is off the bottle, turn the bottle upside down and place it on its side. Carefully push the cap all the way through the hole in the bottle. Push the cap as far as you can before stopping. If the cap doesn’t go all the way through, the next layer of tubing underneath might get pinched during placement.

The cap should come out at the same angle it went in. If it doesn’t, try pushing it again until the cap is facing upward. Now, replace the cap and repeat the process with the second piece of tubing. If the cap goes in easily, then your first piece may stay inside the bottle after you close the lid. If it doesn’t, you may have to pull it all the way through the bottle.

To finish off the gravity bong, you’ll need to add the bowl to the top of the bottle. After you’ve assembled everything, screw in the bowl. You may want to drill a few holes in the bowl to allow oxygen to enter. This will keep your weed fresh for longer periods of time.

How to assemble the gravity bong

After finishing assembly, fill the bowl with your favorite herbs or concentrate. Put the lid on the bong and attach it to the bottle. Place the gravity bong somewhere safe and enjoy!

If you don’t have a water bottle lying around (or if you just want to use something else), you can still make a gravity bong.

We’ll start by taking apart the bottle. Remove the cap from the bottle and set it aside. Now, unscrew the cap from the neck of the bottle. Set it aside as well. Take the bottom part of the bottle and separate it into two pieces, keeping the plastic handle connected.

Remove the plastic handle from the bottom of the bottle. Cut off the remaining plastic that connects the handle to the bottle. Now, you’ll have two pieces of plastic left. One will be shaped like a cone, while the other will be flattened. Cut off the flattened piece of plastic so that only the cone-shaped piece remains. You’ll now have a flat piece of plastic that looks like a plate.

Take the flattened piece and fold it into thirds. Fold each third up towards the middle so that they meet at the center. Repeat this process three times, resulting in a triangle shape. Tape the triangle pieces to the side of the bottle and use masking tape to secure them firmly in place. Now, flip the bottle over and put the cap back on.

Place the bowl on top of the bottle and attach it to the cap with masking tape, ensuring that the bowl doesn’t slide around. Screw the cap back on the bottle and give your gravity bong a good shake. Add your herbs or concentrate to the bowl and enjoy!