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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard of CBD oil. Everyone’s talking about it and the benefits it has for your health. It’s actually one of the most popular natural remedies today, which is why we’ve put together this article that will help you learn more about how to take CBD oil. 

You see, not everyone knows exactly how to take CBD oil. In fact, many people don’t even know there are different ways to consume it. So, before you start taking CBD tincture, make sure you have a good idea of what you should be doing. 

7 Ways To Take CBD Oil 

The first thing you need to understand is that there are numerous ways to take CBD oil. Not only that, but each method has its own pros and cons. But which one is best? Let’s get into it below. 

  1. Topical Application 

This is probably the most common way to take CBD oil on the face and scalp. You can apply CBD oil under your skin or directly onto the affected area. A lot of people use this method because they find it to be very effective. 

  1. Oral Administration 

This is another very common way to take CBD oil. Just as with topical application, you can either take CBD in pill form or by using an edible form. You can even try combining both topically and orally if you want a stronger effect.

  1. Sublingual Administration 

With oral administration, some people also opt to take CBD via sublingual dosing. This means that you swallow the CBD oil under your tongue without chewing it. 

  1. Transdermal Administration 

You can also take CBD via transdermal application. This involves applying CBD oil to the skin and allowing it to seep through. Then, once it reaches your bloodstream, it goes straight to your brain. 

  1. Vaporization (E-Liquid) 

This is where you heat up the CBD oil until it turns into a vapor. When you inhale this vapor, it enters your lungs and goes straight to your brain. This is a really interesting way to take CBD oil. 

  1. Enema 

Enemas are usually administered rectally. With them, you place CBD oil inside your rectum and allow it to sit for several minutes. Once it’s done sitting, you then go back to normal activities. 

  1. Infusion/Extraction 

This last method allows you to ingest CBD by dissolving it in water. You then mix it with fruit juice or other foods to create a beverage. You drink this every day throughout the day to reap the benefits of CBD oil. 

Topical Application 

As mentioned above, topical application is the most common way to take CBD oil. The process is simple and straightforward. First, you need to determine whether you want to apply CBD oil to your skin or your scalp. After deciding which area you want to work with, you’ll need to prepare your CBD product. 

For example, if you want to apply CBD oil to the skin, you’ll need to mix it with coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, or almond oil. And if you want to apply it to your scalp, you’ll need to add CBD oil to coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, or almond oil. 

Once you have mixed your CBD oil with your desired ingredients, you’ll place it on the skin or scalp and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterward, wash off any excess CBD oil from your skin or scalp. If you want to use this process again, just repeat the steps. However, if you’re planning to use CBD oil regularly, we recommend purchasing a new bottle every time you need it. 

Oral Administration 

When you choose to take CBD via oral ingestion, you’ll need to prepare your CBD oil accordingly. You’ll also need to consider whether you want to take the CBD orally in pill form or by using an edible form. 

As stated above, you can use CBD in pill form or by placing it in edibles such as gummies, tinctures, capsules, or lozenges. These products are easy to consume and are convenient because you can do so anywhere. 

Sublingual Administration 

This is another option when it comes to oral administration. You’ll simply place CBD oil underneath your tongue and allow it to dissolve. Once it’s dissolved, you’ll swallow it and continue with your daily routine.

Transdermal Administration 

This process is similar to sublingual administration. However, instead of putting CBD oil under your tongue, you’ll place it under your skin. 

Vaporization (E-Liquid) 

If you decide to vaporize CBD oil, you’ll need to purchase a device that does this for you. There are many devices available online that allow you to vaporize CBD oil. You simply need to turn the device on and follow the instructions on the screen. 


Similar to the other methods mentioned here, infusing CBD oil in your body is a great way to take CBD. You’ll simply mix CBD oil with water and cook it. Once it’s cooked, you’ll remove it from the pan and enjoy the effects of CBD oil. 

We trust that this article assisted you with better comprehension how to take CBD oil. Recall that these are only seven unique strategies for taking CBD oil. Every one of these techniques has its own advantages and disadvantages. It could be hard to figure out which one turns out best for you.

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