The Pain Points in Achieving CMMC Compliance – How to Test Yourself at Home with CloudZen Partners

When it comes to ensuring that your organization meets the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) regulations, there are many pain points in achieving compliance. From understanding and interpreting the five levels of security, to implementing the necessary controls, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Luckily, you can test yourself at home and know your CMMC compliance status with CloudZen Partners.

Before discussing how you can test for CMMC compliance at home, it’s important to understand the pain points in achieving CMMC compliance and what this certification actually covers. At its core, the CMMC is a unified framework for organizations of all sizes that engages them in cyber hygiene practices across a variety of industries. It was created by the Department of Defense (DoD) as a way to protect controlled unclassified information from malicious actors. Organizations seeking government contracts must demonstrate their ability to meet these standards through assessment and certification by an accredited third-party assessor or C3PAO company.

Why Test Yourself?

Testing yourself at home against the requirements outlined by the CMMC framework can be beneficial for several reasons. For starters, it allows organizations who may not yet have undergone formal assessment and certification to better understand their readiness level before engaging with an assessor or C3PAO company. This helps ensure that they are able to hit the ground running during more rigorous assessments later down the line, thus minimizing time spent addressing gaps or other weaknesses in their system environment prior to formal evaluation. Additionally, testing yourself allows organizations to identify any areas where additional investment may be needed in order for them achieve full compliance ahead of time so they can focus on those areas rather than being blindsided by surprise deficiencies during official evaluations.

How Can You Test Yourself With CloudZen?

CloudZen provides organisations with a comprehensive self-assessment tool specifically designed to quickly determine their current level of readiness to meet DoD cybersecurity standards as mandated by NIST 800-171 and 800-53r4/CMMC requirements. Using an automated toolkit that leverages data collected from multiple sources, including user-entered documentation such as policy guidelines and configuration instructions, CloudZen provides a rapid assessment using more than 400 criteria in just 15 minutes. This makes it easy for organisations large and small to get an immediate snapshot of where they stand in terms of CMMC compliance, without requiring IT teams to spend countless hours manually gathering relevant information.

What does CloudZen’s Self-Assessment tool include?
CloudZen’s Self-Assessment tool includes automated scanning capabilities using machine learning technology, as well as features such as

– Risk Scoring & Gap Analysis

Automated scoring based on NIST 800-171 & 800-53r4 /CMMC criteria provides actionable insight into specific risks present in an organisation’s system environment, while also identifying potential gaps or vulnerabilities so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken immediately.

– Actionable remediation plans

Comprehensive reports provide detailed, step-by-step guidance on how best to address identified issues, enabling IT teams to make informed decisions on required investments or adjustments.

– Automated documentation generation

Easily generate compliant documents based on existing policies, procedures, configurations, etc., simplifying audit preparation and reducing the manual effort associated with preparing for formal assessments.

– Customisable dashboards & reports

Real-time dashboards provide clear visibility into overall system health, while customisable reports enable users to efficiently mine relevant data for specific scenarios.

Benefits of testing with CloudZen partners

In addition, by using the CloudZen Partners Self-Assessment Toolkit, organisations can access real-time analytics 24/7 via secure cloud storage solutions, eliminating the need for secondary hardware infrastructure that often requires costly maintenance fees. It also enables businesses to take advantage of powerful services such as automated patch management and anti-malware software installation, helping to reduce the costs associated with typical labour-intensive processes typically required to maintain up-to-date system environments, further reducing the risk posed by external threats. Finally, using CloudZen Partners gives businesses peace of mind knowing that certified industry experts are available to provide technical support should assistance ever arise, ensuring that critical data remains secure and protected even in the most trying of times.


At the end of the day, testing against CMCMC standards using Cloudzen Partner’s self-assessment tools gives business owners peace of mind knowing that an accurate picture of the current state of their organisation will help identify any weaknesses that need to be addressed before undergoing more thorough assessments later down the line, saving resources and money in the long run. With the power of this solution, organisations can now stay ahead of the competition while protecting vital assets from potential harm, ultimately putting them in the best position to succeed in future endeavours.