What is Roblox, the working process and is it safe enough for your child?

This is a very popular platform and recently it hits 43 million users that are diligently using it. The kids under the age of 16 are the ones who play Roblox mostly. In the year 2006, this platform was released and available on an online platform and as it has grown vastly over a decade it is now accessible from an extended range of several devices. 

This is mainly chosen by the kids but doesn’t misunderstand this as both adults as well as kids can use this to play games. It includes an artwork that few of them define as animation or 2D. This platform consists of various online games you can play and enjoy with your friends, one of the advanced features of Roblox is you can also create your own game on this site. 

The games that are included on this platform are entirely created and developed by the community of Roblox but it still allows you to create one of your own and features like a mic and chatting features are the major reasons why this is so demanding in today’s market.

Different kinds of games at Roblox

As mentioned earlier there is huge diversity in the games and you can choose any of the ones to play with your friends and have fun. We have listed down some of the most preferred multiplayer games on this platform.

  • Bloxburg
  • Jailbreak 
  • Adopt Me!
  • Strucid (still in beta version)
  • Obstacle Paradise
  • Wipeout Obby
  • Phantom Forces
  • Tower of Hell

These are some of the most popular games you can enjoy on Roblox.

The tutorial on Roblox sign-up

The sign-up process of Roblox is very user-friendly. You can simply type Roblox and search it on google and then you can easily fill up all the required details you also need to verify your mobile number and email address. These are a few simple steps you can follow to sign up on this platform.

Is Roblox safe for every child?

This platform is made for both kids and adults and there are some games that are created for adult users such as Phantom Forces, if you want to ensure that is this safe for a particular child then there are some measures you need to take care of. To overcome this, Roblox allows an option of parental controls and by setting this on you can make sure that this is safe and enlightening for your child.

Is Roblox free of cost?

The signup process on this platform doesn’t need any charges and many games are free of charge and you can enjoy them without paying a single buck. Nevertheless, few games need a subscription to play.

Where is this platform available?

You can install it from their official website or Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


This platform is growing rapidly every day and there are many kids as well as adults who are having fun by playing multiplayer games online with their friends. The article covers all the details about how to Roblox tutorials and covers every possible detail about it.