Best Cosplay Choices You Can Make Now

Cosplay may be a good hobby even after the Christmas season is over, even if you don’t feel like dressing up.

The name “costume play” or “cosplay” has its origins in Japan, although the practice of dressing up as fictional characters at conventions dates back much further. Originally known as “costume dressing up,” the term “cosplay” gained currency in the West as anime became more well-known.

Many anime and comic book festivals provide cosplay activities, but cosplayers also host their own meetups, where they may participate in photo sessions and admire one another’s work.. For this piece, I interviewed designers and cosplayers Ilana Solomon and Kiga Tymianski, who gave their greatest advice for aspiring cosplayers. Kiga Tymianski and Ilana Solomon have provided their finest advice for new cosplayers. The Maid Dress is the best choice here.

If you’re thinking of going into cosplay, this article has all you need to know.

First-Time Cosplay Characters: What to Consider

Before you begin putting together your costume, you must first decide on the character you will be portraying. A figure with a simple design or attire can help you avoid getting overwhelmed by the process, particularly if you are new to sewing. I instantly think of Death Note character L, who is always shown wearing white hoodies and jeans.

Your gender or skin tone should not be a factor in the decisions you make in life. Set a deadline for a few weeks before the convention or conference where you want to show off your costume, but be prepared for it to take twice as long as you expect!

The greatest costume for an anime convention or a comic book character for Comic-Con is the one that fits the topic of the convention you’re attending. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see individuals attending a convention dressed up as characters from a media that doesn’t quite match the theme.

Should you purchase or manufacture your own costumes and accessories?

Decide on a character and then write out everything that goes into their looks, such as their attire, accessories, and shoes as well as any special hair or makeup they may sport. Photographs of various character designs and images of how other cosplayers brought the character to life may be used as sources of inspiration. After that, make a plan for how you’re going to get each item, whether you’re going to purchase it or make it yourself.

The most prevalent barrier to entry into the world of cosplay is an inability to sew. Even so, Tymianski assures you that buying your first cosplay costume in whole or in part will not be embarrassing. “If you don’t care about the creative aspect of cosplay, why to go through all that bother only to dress up with your buddies for a weekend?” says one cosplayer. She speaks her mind.


In order to create a costume for a lesser-known figure, you may be forced to rely on thrifting, adaptation, and hand-sewing. Costumes may be readily available if your fictional character is well-known. A current character’s attire may sometimes be cobbled together using items from your own closet or from large shopping shops. Make sure to thank the cosplayer who made your costume when you post photographs of it on social media sites like Instagram and Tumblr.